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Who is Angela Preston?

Angela Preston

Twenty years in the business

Angela Preston is an international best selling author/tedx/motivational and keynote speaker and business coach, she is also a radio host and as recent as last year staged her debut play; A Time To Leave.

Angela’s life experiences of 20 years in business as a top performing leader before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey are what she uses to help business leaders and individuals alike to create that winning mindset in order to make the changes to both their businesses and personal lives.

Angela Preston

Early life

Being a child in Liverpool in the 80s Angela learned the art of resilience when growing up with very little, like most kids in that era luxuries and spare cash were few and far between, so being innovative was something Angela learned to be from a very young age.

Her entrepreneurial spirit would show itself in all its glory, from the age of 10 Angela worked out how to make a living from doing chores for her older sister, being the second youngest of six girls she was always looking at ways to make enough money for days out with friends.

Those difficult days as well as the tenacious and resilient child she was growing up would be what would form the skills she needed when having to make the toughest decision about the career she loved, walking away in May 2014 not only brought fear, self doubt and limiting beliefs it also brought her to hit rock bottom and tapping into those skills she learned in her Liverpool home, along with using the goal setting skills she had also mastered as a child would be the foundation on which to grow.

Angela Preston

The big push

In five years since making that decision she has gone on to publish three best sellers, become a trained and award winning speaker/business coach, host her own radio show and stand as candidate for parliament in the December 2019 elections, she has been nominated for numerous awards and raised over £10,000 for various charities through her stand up comedy routines, as well as this Angela recently published a comic book in conjunction with a school in Liverpool to help children discover the hero within.

The passion Angela has for empowering and encouraging others to reach their full potential is what drives her every day and also gives her the determination to stay focused on working with companies and individuals to achieve their end goal.

Why Angela Preston

Uncharted experience

Applying over 20 years of business experience, Angela Preston's expertise is unprecedented.

Award winning leader in her field of expertise

Angela Preston is an award winning expert and is recognised as a very influential business coach & motivational speaker.

Able to find a solution for every problem

Problem solving is at the core of Angela Preston’s approach, no matter the problem, Angela is the right choice for your business.

An approach aligned with your goals

Angela offers a number of different solutions for different needs; often aligning those solutions with her clients' goals.

Will challenge you to be the best version of yourself

Everyone strives to become the best version of themselves, Angela will help you focus on the challenges that help you get there.


Angela Preston

Award winning speaker

Angela is an award winning speaker and has built her coaching, speaking and writing business from scratch, earning her the respect and admiration of others on how she has not only overcome adversity but used it as a stepping stone to achieve her goals.

Angela’s story shows just how to use obstacles and challenges to propel you to great things. The struggles she faced when walking away from a 20 career are what she tapped into when embarking on her personal dream of becoming a published author.


“Angela is very generous with her time & knowledge and genuinely wants to help businesses & individuals succeed. It has been a pleasure & a privilege to work with Angela over the last 2 years.”

Tina Lowes, Director, HSBC

Angela Preston

Inspire & motivate

Her talks are both inspirational and motivational when it comes to engaging with her audiences, her talks give them both the power and the belief that they can improve their business and personal lives.

Angela has spoken on stages in the UK and America sharing her harrowing but powerful Tedx talk she delivered in May 2019, her resilient nature captures the imagination of those who have shared in many of her talks from Stepping Into Success through to how to Find The Leader within, audiences leave the room believing the impossible does become the possible when they know how.



About Books: Opening Doors by Angela Preston


Angela Preston at TED x University of Leeds


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