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Whether you are an employee, a CEO or a freelancer, there will often be times when you have to step up and be a leader. Maybe you already possess ideal leadership qualities, or it’s possible that there are skills which you need to develop.

Whatever the case, Angela Preston is the person to speak to. Angela will talk you through the importance of being a leader, the necessary skills required to take a leadership role, and how you can use your skills and/or develop them so that you yourself can be a true business leader one day.

Angela Preston


Learn about the importance of being confident in business. It has a huge impact on how your customers and your colleagues view you, from your demeanour, to your attitude to your charisma; a confident person is more likely to land an important contract, as people want to be around confident people.

Angela will advise you about why it is so crucial to be confident, as well as explaining techniques that will allow you to build your confidence, and how to remain confident even when there are setbacks.


"I met Angela as she was the trainer on a leadership course provided by SKF. As I was changing career and hoping to apply for my dream job with a disabled children’s charity I wanted to ensure I was prepared for the task ahead.

Angela helped me to identify skills, set and measure targets. I also brushed up CV and confidently recognised my achievements.

This meant I got the job and a set of leadership skills to help me make the most of my new role."

Vinny Keating, Chairperson, Heswall Disabled Children's Holiday Fund

Angela Preston

Goal setting

Goal setting is a crucial part of the process when you are setting up your own business. Goals keep you motivated and ensure you always have something to strive for.

What goals are suitable for you and your business? This is where Angela can be very useful. Angela will be able to work with you to ensure that you set yourself suitable and feasible goals which can be achieved over the short-term, medium-term and long-term. It is always important to be goal-orientated in business; Angela will explain why, and how you can apply this to your situation.

Angela Preston


Have you got the right mind-set in order for your business to succeed? Angela will be able to help you define what a great mind-set looks like in order to stay focused on your end goal, also what works in some industries may not be suitable for others.

However, it cannot be stressed how important it is for you to have the right mind-set from the get-go. By speaking to Angela, you will discover what your true mind-set is, and whether it is indeed the right attitude to take with your business – and, if it isn’t, you will find out how to change it for the better.

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Action Plans

How do you set an action plan for yourself and your business?

On second thoughts, what is an action plan? If you are asking yourself these questions, Angela is here to help!

Angela will talk you through what an action plan is, why it is important to create one relating to your business, and how you can tailor it so it relates to your core values. There are no right or wrong ways to create an action plan, just to create one that is right for you – and that is what Angela will be able to help you do.

Angela Preston

Business Coaching

Business coaching can be very useful, especially for fresh start-ups who have never experienced working for themselves, or they may know how to manage their work, but they struggle to understand budgets, keeping reports of business statistics etc.

Business coaching is used by businessmen and women with varying levels of experience, from aspiring CEOs to brand new freelancers. Angela offers high-quality business coaching that will cover all facets of your business and how you can put specific plans in place so that your big idea becomes your reality.


“Angela is an excellent communicator, comfortable to talk to SLT over strategic behaviour issues as parents over the need to take responsibility for their child's behaviour. Pupils feel nurtured & respected by Angela, who will always go the extra mile for them.

Most weeks, to ensure the pupils she is working with are feeling happy & safe, she will work extra unpaid hours. She is fully supportive of the school & teachers and very aware of how damage to the school's reputation such pupils' behaviour could cause.

Ultimately, she is child centred and a person with great integrity. I can recommend Angela to you in complete confidence with any hesitation or doubt.”

Brendan McLoughlin, Headteacher, Maricourt Catholic High School

Angela Preston

Business Growth

Business growth is essentially how your organisation is progressing. But how can you measure this? And how will you know when your business has grown to the level that you require the likes of new office space or more employees?

Angela will talk you through business growth, what statistics you can use to measure this, and what levels of growth are even feasible for your specific business; after all, what signifies business growth for one company might be totally unsuitable for another. If you are looking to grow your business, Angela can provide plenty of advice.



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