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Angela Preston

Building Winning Teams

Angela’s most sought after keynote speech is based on the tools and techniques she used in her 20 year career as a top performing leader within the finance industry, she will take you on a journey that will transform the minds of yourself and your teams, she will share with you the art of;

  • What to look for in your people
  • Building great relationships
  • The importance of setting smaller goals
  • How to build a winning culture

Angela Preston

Motivation in the workplace

Motivation in the workplace is critical to the success of any business, but do you know how to motivate your staff, even when results aren’t being met? Knowing what causes lack of motivation and how to improve it is the difference between success and failure as a business owner. Angela’s experience and the talk she delivers on how to lead teams to achieve results with a positive mindset will provide your company with;

  • The strategy to stay focused
  • Building trust
  • Improving communication
  • Improving morale


“Angela Preston has worked with HSBC Small Business Banking over the past 2 years on a joint project to deliver Business Coaching events to over 200 Small Businesses in the Liverpool Area. The North West Business Hub as it is now known is a collaboration of different speakers brought together by Angela to help businesses grow and offer them support.

Angela brings a lot of experience as a previous manager in Financial Services and is a gifted public speaker who is extremely engaging & knowledgable and has a talent for inspiring others through her talks.

Angela is very generous with her time & knowledge and genuinely wants to help businesses & individuals succeed. It has been a pleasure & a privilege to work with Angela over the last 2 years.”

Tina Lowes, Director, HSBC

Angela Preston

The heart of resilience

Learning the art of resilience and what it means to individuals means when we fall, we either get back up to fight another day or we stay down and allow those who helped put us there to win, Angela’s talk on the heart of resilience will show you how;

  • To tap into past experiences to help you overcome life’s challenges
  • To reward the small wins
  • To keep giving
  • To create your own meaning

Angela Preston

Find the leader within

Angela’s 2nd book; The Keys To Success In Business is used within companies by founders, CEOs and senior leaders who are looking to develop or recruit the right people into the business;  Angela talks about, how;

  • To have a clear vision
  • To find your passion
  • To lead from the front
  • To communicate clearly & effectively

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Angela Preston

The power of you

The great thing about being you is, there is only one of you and knowing how to be the best version of you is paramount in finding the power within to live life on your terms. Angela’s idea and the talk she delivers of embracing the power of you will enable you to;

  • Know your values
  • Make your self-worth independent of other peoples opinions
  • Don’t waste time on unproductive thoughts
  • Be willing to stand out from the crowd

Angela Preston


Entrepreneurship is a journey not everyone is looking for or willing to take on and yet there are others who thrive on taking the risks that come with defining your own path. Embarking on that journey is no easy fate and knowing the pitfalls as well as the joys it brings is crucial to the success of becoming an entrepreneur. Through her talk Angela shares the tips on how to;

  • Find your passion
  • Stay focused
  • Plan & prepare for financial challenges
  • Ask for help without feeling like a failure


"Angela Preston has been chosen to open the Public Speaking Academy Seminars on more than one occasion because of her charisma, her ability to engage & inspire. She has shared her powerful personal story with Academy audiences and ensured they too feel that they can make changes & make an impact.

I would highly recommend using Angela as an inspirational leader & coach."

Billal Jamil, Director, Public Speaking Academy

Angela preston

The 3p's

What are your 3p’s and how can they benefit not only you but also your team and why are they important to you, discovering the importance of them will enable you to;

  • Create a motivated team
  • Build a positive mindset
  • Operate from one heart & one mind

Angela Preston

The right time to leave

This powerful keynote speech is based on personal experience when forced to walk away from a career she loved, the steps Angela took to create a new life enables others to;

  • Rebuild themselves & refocus on your future
  • Reach your full potential
  • Rebrand and live life on your terms

Angela Preston

Stepping into success

Stepping into success is different for everyone embarking on a completely new path, imposter syndrome and self doubt are just two of the reasons many people fail to achieve their full potential. Stepping into success will help you;

  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Build confidence
  • Find clarity
  • Use the infinite power to become the person you were born to be

Angela Preston

Becoming the go to expert

Being an expert in your field will only happen when you have the knowledge, the expertise and the competence to share with others. Angela’s talk will provide you with the tools to;

  • Get ahead of your competitors
  • Write a book on problem-solution format
  • Start a speaking career
  • Create your own podcast/radio show



Angela Preston at TED x University of Leeds


Creating Motivation in the Workplace


About Books: Opening Doors by Angela Preston

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