Believing Is Achieving

Believing Is Achieving

Self-belief and what it means to you can be the difference in how far you go and what you accomplish. Some people like myself will have formed self-belief from a very young age, and then there are others who will go through life believing they are not worthy or they don’t know how to achieve, or it may even be formed after acquiring more skills and experience in your field of expertise.

When we set out to accomplish a goal, we must believe inside we are going to achieve it. If we don’t, that dream will stay just a dream. In everything I have ever done in my career and personal life I have proven by having self-belief there are no limits to what can be achieved. If you want an extraordinary life, you must believe you are worthy of it. It plays a huge part in your life, it determines if you take that leap of faith or you stay within the confines of your comfort zone. When you don’t have self-belief, it can also affect how you live your life; you accept things that someone with self-belief wouldn’t.

By allowing yourself to only think positive affirmations, you are building that skill from within to believe the impossible will become the possible, if you hear a negative voice you must banish it straight from your thoughts immediately and change it into a positive one. The more you tell yourself you can do something, the more you are coaching your mind to believe anything is within reach.

When we first come into this world we are not conditioned to be good or bad at anything; we decide this as we grow and encounter new things that happen. We limit ourselves on what we can and can’t do, and this is when we start forming our self-belief, but we don’t have to always have little or no self-belief. It is something we can work on. One way of re-evaluating your own limiting beliefs about yourself is to examine what your idea of self-belief stands for.

When you question yourself, is it your voice or the voice of others ringing in your ears? Usually it is the voice of others, sometimes it can be those who don’t want to move out of their own comfort zone and this may make them unhappy that you want to, it could actually be their voice that is making you form your own belief about yourself. The only person who has the right to live rent free in your mind is you, never give anyone else this privilege-although these voices can sometimes come disguised as your own, and that is the reason you may limit yourself, which keeps you from becoming the best version of you. Repeat to yourself.

“This is not my voice. We become what we think; if you think you can’t, you won’t, and if you think you can, you will. Your thoughts hold the keys to your future, so if you believe you can conquer the world, then this is what will happen.”

– Bruce Lee

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