Finding Fulfilment

Finding Fulfilment

2016 started very much like all the previous New Years, a list of dreams, hopes and wishes I wanted to achieve and another list of how I would achieve them, and thinking I may be lucky enough to achieve some! But unlike the previous years I started the year looking for fulfilment in all areas of my life rather than in only what would benefit myself, we can all sometimes get lost in our lives and forget what goes on around us, and how some people suffer more than others. In January 2016 I decided I would make it my mission to start living a purposeful life, one that would impact and add value to others as well as myself.

When I set out on my journey of discovery I never dreamt it could also impact my life beyond measure, firstly when we are making a difference in others lives, we are also changing our own by the person we become, as well as the joy we encounter along the way. I was determined to finish my second book: The Keys to Success in Business, this book is a thank you to some of the great leaders I have worked under, who have given me the courage and the determination to dream big, as well as the thought leaders, change makers, and the influencers I have sat up studying into the small hours. Working out what makes a great leader? What characteristics do they carry? How do they lead their people? Also why they do what they do? When studying these leaders I myself have learned what it takes to be a leader and make a difference in the world. In my previous role I was leading teams to achieve results and was very good at it, but I wasn’t adding value or making a difference and through studying and analysing great leaders I have learnt the meaning of leadership as well as the fulfilment it brings, when we lead by example and go ahead, we are giving others the courage, self-belief and confidence that they too can achieve.

Throughout 2016 I have encountered numerous obstacles I have had to overcome to accomplish my goals, as well as achieved some amazing milestones in my career, being interviewed in New York for Best Seller TV with C-Suite Network and launching my first book in Times Square was an incredible, fantastic achievement, but was also quite terrifying, I realised I was now going to another level in my career and got quite scared of where this was all leading to, throughout that wonderful crazy time I realised in all of this I am being prepared for what work awaits me, and my biggest joy that has come out of this year has been the person I have become through the work I do and the lives I have changed, by continually growing and learning new ways of working I am able to support, encourage and guide my clients to a more fulfilled existence, one that will give them joy and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

When we keep learning we are growing beyond measure, no one person has all the answers, but you can be the go to person when others need advice or guidance, also by learning something new every day you are becoming a better version of the person you were yesterday.

As I prepare for the year ahead, I again set my self goals, I am going into the year at the age of 49 starting a four year degree in Business and marketing, why? because the more I learn the better and more equipped at supporting others I will become as they take on life”s journey and adventure. It is never too late to start again!

What will you do to feel fulfilled as we enter a new year?

A quote by Brendan Burchard has become a very important part of my life, there are three questions we all ask ourselves at the end of our earthly life: “Did I live? did I love? Did I matter?” And for me these three questions tell me do I feel fulfilled. Finding fulfilment on all aspects of the journey (not just the good) is what I call success.

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